ILIC is the emerging regional leader in the promotion of leasing as a financial and investment instrument in the arena of medium and large ticket transactions. This role provides ILIC with a unique and exciting position within the market-place, and allows it to participate in a quality selection of transactions.

ILIC uses its powerful resource base, together with the highest standards of professionalism, to engineer each transaction to best fit the needs of its clients – whether that client be a Lessee or an Investor.

For the Lessee, this means access to a financial facility that closely matches his requirement, reflecting the highest possible benefits. For the Investor, the carefully designed structure, coupled with vigorous investment criteria ensures that the end product will meet the ambitions of either the conventional or the Islamic investor.


  • ILIC’s corporate philosophy is “Excellence In Customer Services”.
  • ILIC serves the target markets, by providing products & services, for business and economic development.
  • ILIC strives to provide quality and competitive products and services.
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