The International Leasing & Investment Company (ILIC) provides distinctive services and investment opportunities for its investors and strategic business partners. In this regard, ILIC plays an unique and multi-faced role, and provides professional leadership in a variety of business activities.
ILIC’s primary function is an originator of lease and leasing related transactions. ILIC assumes a primary position in this market where it works with clients, vendors, governments, investors and others to provide attractive financial alternatives through the use of leasing as a strategic financial tool

ILIC shares its expertise in the development and structuring of leasing and investment products through strategic business alliances. These alliances allow ILIC to take a lead in the development and operation of a variety of disciplined investment projects and programs. Through this means, ILIC offers the global client a comprehensive yet diverse array of alternative financial and investment opportunities. One of ILIC’s principle strengths is its ability to forge strong relationships within its shareholder base, and with other key financial institutions. ILIC combines with these funding partners to leverage its participation in mutually profitable projects. ILIC has built, and is committed to maintaining, a professional and efficient infrastructure. The latest technology, combined with a carefully selected and trained staff, allow ILIC to provide the highest levels of service, expertise and professional advice.


An Integrated Approach :

  • ILIC recognizes the complex needs of its customers, and has the capacity to offer its expertise in a wide range of financial services, including leasing, structured finance, advisory services, portfolio management and investments.
  • ILIC pursues a cautious, yet innovative, credit and investment policy, focused on promising clients and quality projects. Each transaction receives a thorough due diligence, and then is structured to achieve a value-added risk profile.

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